Embedding – Creating A Long Tail

Recognise this?  You’ve been on a workshop, it’s all been wonderful, people are fired up for the challenge of whatever it is you’ve worked on together.


Six weeks down the line, it’s a different story.

The day job has got in the way, you can’t remember half the things you’ve learned, it’s in a folder somewhere, and that great thing they showed you how to do, what was that again?

Our clients have told us this is a very common experience for them.

We care about your experience being different.  We want it to stick.

There is only one way of truly achieving this, and that’s to spend as much time and a decent chunk of your budget for the project on the embedding process – creating that long tail that gives you a true ROI.

We do this in various ways:

We only use bespoke workbooks and journals for you – nothing off-the-peg here.

We believe in the power of podcasts.

We know that people like tiny push notifications sent to their phones – like those ‘badges’ that app developers send to your smartphone.  Well, we have a version of those as well.

We believe well-developed and engaging online learning content has a big part to play in embedding.  Whether that’s an interactive webinar, an online retreat, or VideoComms coaching.

We even run whole online events where participants are split into small work trios every 15 minutes to replicate as closely as we can for participants, our live workshops, but’s that’s a whole other story.

We are always open to your ideas about creating additional ‘long tail’ content, so please do chat to us about possibilities…