Bespoke Journal Workbooks

Lots of training companies give out workshop manuals or folders – great weighty tomes containing all the wisdom of the world that we, with all the best intentions intend to pore over when we get back to the workplace, but how often does it really happen?

Stuff gets in the way and it ends up occupying a dusty shelf somewhere.

Our workbooks are different.

They’re attractive, they’re pocket-sized, and full of bite-size practical tips.  We even offer the option of a pack of cards style take-aways on a chain if that’s what your people prefer.

All your participants will receive a bespoke workbook, which they will fill on the day with personal observations, charting their progress through the day, and completing practical exercises with small group coaching guidance.

It’s designed to encourage doodling and the use of colour and image to help embed ideas and keep our brains active and receptive throughout.

It will also be packed with useful tips and mini-stretch exercises relating to the techniques we’ve explored together.  Participants can revisit this personal journal as part of their Action Learning Cohort, post workshop