Downloadable Podcasts

Podcasts – everyone from your politician to the cat seems to have one these days don’t they?

They’re popular, and for a very good reason.  People are spending more and more time commuting or working on the move, and they’re an excellent way to ‘consume content’ as the hipsters would have it, on the move…

We’ve harnessed the podcast from the outset, as an embedding tool after your live workshop or online event.  They’re kept under 20 minutes, so you could find your creative thinking or resilience podcast from us accompanying you as you commute to or from work or if you’re the energetic type, while you run or cycle at the gym.

We offer our clients a series of weekly, downloadable podcasts delivered in a conversational style supporting all the content from your workshop, providing a crucial long tail to your workshop investment.

It helps embed newly-found skills, and keeps the content fresh in the mind of participants.

Audio learning is an increasingly popular way of both gaining and retaining knowledge.  Listening while in the car, on public transport all make bite-size reminders easily accessible.