Virtual Retreats

As part of our online and digital curriculum, we offer virtual retreats, where you can immerse yourself in a virtual workshop for a whole day.

We aim to make the experience as close to a live workshop for you as possible.  It will be a fully interactive experience, with pre-work, exercises, small group work, plenary discussions, a downloadable private work, and opportunities for live 1:1 coaching.

It will be fully immersive, so your full attention will be needed all day – it’s called a retreat for a reason – it’s an real opportunity for you to step back from the day job, switch off emails and other distractions, and devote your day to your own development, just as if you were on a live workshop.  You ill on camera all day, do there will be no ‘what we call cheating’!

Also, for the day to work, you will frequently be split into virtual online rooms with one or two others, where you will work through tools and techniques before coming back to plenary to share insights and get your questions answered.  For this reason, it’s not possible to disappear for meetings or phone calls. Your team will be relying on you to make the group dynamic work.

Pick up the phone for a chat about what we can do for your team, or ask us how you can attend the next open event as an individual.