What Our Clients Say

‘Working with Helen and her company is like receiving a professional superboost!  Helen supported my team and I in preparing for a business critical presentation. She fully immersed herself in the team and quickly assimilated the required success factors.  Her coaching style is focussed but calm which enabled each of the team to take on board the coaching in a non-confrontational way and to truly gel together.  Helen was entirely committed to the team’s success – on a personal level, she worked with my natural introverted style to bring out the best in me, and made it enjoyable. 

If you are looking for a coach to take you/your team from good to outstanding, whilst making it fun then I would highly recommend Helen.’

– Rebecca Stephens, Partner – PAS. “I have had the opportunity to work with Helen directly as a coach and have also seen the impact she has had as a coach on individuals within my business. I found Helen deeply insightful – she’s able to identify an individual’s specific need quickly and effectively. Helen balances tools and techniques with powerful questioning styles to guide and develop individuals at the pace that is right for them. She is a highly skilled coach and able to share her knowledge and skills to develop other coaches effectively. It would be a pleasure to work with Helen again.” – Louise Butler, VP People at Transit Wireless. “Helen is able to balance the need for a group to learn at it’s own pace and at the same time deliver key messages under tight time pressure. This isn’t easy when today’s delivery of training and development has to occur in short sharp bursts. Helen leads and engages diverse audiences with her ability to shift from humour to gravitas.” – Kingsley Weber, Global HR Director Imdex
Helen has been coaching me in my metalsmithing business since the Spring.  I had no idea what to expect from coaching – what I’ve experienced so far has completely blown me away.
From the very start she has been thoroughly professional and incredibly supportive. I’ve achieved things I had never thought I would or could do. My confidence grows with each coaching session.
Before each session my mind is often full like spaghetti junction with no idea how to make sense of it but by the end I’m fired up with cogent plans to achieve goals I hadn’t realised I had. I feel fired up and raring to go.
Helen has a brain so intensely full of genius it is literally mind-blowing! The energy she freely gives seems bottomless.
– Gill Bridgestock, Silver, Copper, and Pewtersmith.
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Helen is an extraordinarily talented facilitator. Her seemingly inexhaustible supply of energy, along with a sharp wit and high level of insight combine to captivate and hold the interest of any group of people she works with. Helen has a professionalism and that inspires a sense of credibility and ease in the people she works with. I highly recommend her as a facilitator.
– Carolyn Clitheroe, Carolyn Clitheroe Training

“Thank you again to you and your team for the amazing workshop today; I don’t think I can explain to you how much I actually needed it and insightful it was.”

– Faaizah Mayet, workshop participant

Helen is one of the most insightful people I have ever worked with. She has an uncanny ability to be able to cut throught to the heart of an issue and to elicit honest responses from the most cynical of participants whilst maintaining an atmosphere of lightheartedness along with a feeling of safety for everyone in the workshop. As a facilitator I cannot recommend her highly enough. – Beth Hayward, The Development Engine “I worked with Helen on two FTSE 50 audit proposals. My teams had significantly different individual styles and presentation abilities. We used Helen’s coaching and facilitation skills to enable us to deliver a coherent, powerful and memorable message and to come across as a team. Helen was very sympathetic to individual needs and made a real difference to our presentation. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her.” – Graeme Dacomb, Partner – EY

“The workshop was really great and it was a pleasure to work with you, Anna, and Nikki last month. I’ve been doing breathing exercises, the mindfulness, anchoring, and taking walks in the middle of the day or in the evening to unwind. It is around this time when these exercises are very valuable and they have helped me when I’m feeling overwhelmed.”

– John Gallego, workshop participant “Helen is inspiring. She is the perfect blend of motivator, listener and performer. She facilitates workshops with an uncanny sense of the needs of each individual delegate while simultaneously guiding the intention and purpose of the group. Always attentive and attuned, Helen obviously loves what she does and her creativity and effervescence is undeniably contagious. All this makes quick work of personal & team transformation and growth.” – Paul Mercier, William Morris