Author Coaching

So, you’ve written your magnificent book.  The critics have given you very favourable reviews.  Time to relax!

Or is it?

Authors are increasingly being asked to have a public face to promote their work.

We’ve been working with authors for the past year, devising a bespoke course supporting you with exactly the kind of intense period of public events that can be both exhausting and at times bewildering.

  • You’ll learn how to read your own work aloud in front of a live audience, in a compelling and engaging way, discovering the secrets of performance energy – doing full justice to your work, and calming that horrible tummy knot we can get when all eyes are on us.
  • You’ll learn how to answer questions on stage about your writing at a book festival or live event, including deflecting any you’re not comfortable with, using humour and dealing with bores and hecklers
  • You’ll learn how to take part in a discussion, debate, or panel event where you might be challenged or disagreed with.  We’ll equip you with techniques enabling you to be in disagreement without losing rapport.
  • We’ll explore the curious world of book signings and meeting readers, which can be utterly emotionally exhausting
  • We’ll practice techniques and give you tools to come across well on live and pre-recorded radio
  • Radio skills are quite different from how to come across well on video, film, and TV.  We’ll identify the key differences, and give you live practice in small groups, and give you the opportunity to practice being recorded and filmed with mock interviews and panels. 
  • We’ll show you how best to present yourself in photoshoots and for author photos.
  • We’ll help you get ready to promote your book, including coming up with an ‘origin story’ for both you and it, and preparing answers to key questions.