Checklists, And How They Can Transform The Way Your Organisation Works

What do test pilots, surgeons, architects and lawyers all have in common? They all turn to one simple tool to make them more efficient: the humble checklist.

Humble, yet with exponentially more power than a classic to-do list.

Renowned surgeon and author Atul Gawande explored how breaking down complex processes into boxes to be ticked off on a list can save lives and stop something as significant as buildings collapsing.

Our practical half-day workshop, as part of the Leadership Academy, will show how Gawande’s simple solution of using a checklist can be incorporated into your business flow to take operational efficiency to a whole new level.

Crucially they guard against failure – even for experienced leaders – in a vast range of industries and circumstances.

Even the most complex tasks, such as the building of a modern skyscraper, open heart surgery and flying a commercial airliner have been shown to benefit greatly from the use of checklists.

We’ll break down the how with participants’ real-life examples so as they can craft a bespoke set of checklists to take back to the workplace, and explore ideas for sharing this powerful technique with their teams.