Singing for confidence, team-bonding, and wellbeing…

Many of our team have worked as professional singers or in musical theatre in the West End.

We’re also skilled at gently managing the fear that many have at the thought of singing aloud, ultimately we know the enormous sense of togetherness, achievement, and sense of pride teams can rapidly develop, when group singing.

People who say they can’t carry a tune in a bucket, gradually find themselves joining in four-part harmonies with gusto as we build up people’s confidence and participation.

Singing brings a sense of wellbeing, it’s good for heart and lung health, it’s about contributing to something bigger than you, and it’s also quite fun.

As part of the singing workshop, we also teach vocal improvisation and percussion techniques, tapping into some of the healthy attitudes to risk on our improvisation workshop.

This comes as a 1/2 day workshop, or can be included as part of team day or conference.