From Upselling To Upserving

Sales psychology is going through a period of revolutionary discovery that we have distilled into a powerful three-day programme, taking you and your sales teams to the next level of performance.

From Upselling to Upserving. We’ll be shifting our own mindsets in keeping with the latest research on human behaviour and sales.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Extravert, Introvert, or Ambivert? Why being an Ambivert could be great for your sales and how you can adjust.
  • How to move to a state of persuasion jujitsu, by being a better perspective-taker, and why it’s more important than empathy alone in discovering creative solutions.
  • How being aware of your power-status affects your perspective, and how to manage it.
  • The importance of Strategic Mimicry as an effective negotiation tool
  • Beyond simple rapport to ‘Amazing Silence’, and how it takes the pressure off, and turns up the intimacy dial.
  • Using Amazon’s ‘empty chair’ technique to get under the skin of your customers.
  • Time-travelling to the past to see all products from a novice perspective. This prevents us making assumptions about our customers, and the understandability of our product.
  • Attunement ‘test’, using a fun interactive game, which reveals how attuned we really are.
  • How to find ‘uncommon commonalities’ with customers, and why this is far more genuine than simply asking what the weather’s like.
  • The power of ‘questioning self-talk’ and how it makes us outperform those who employ conventional juice-myself-up declarative self-talk.
  • Positivity, and how it heightens our behavioural repertoire using a basket of emotions including amusement, appreciation, joy, interest, gratitude, and inspiration.
  • The surprising psychological benefit of a little negativity, moving to a state of flexible optimism – optimism with its eyes open.  We’ll also see how the ‘blemishing effect’ can tilt customers’ attitude to eon’s products.
  • We’ll show how you can monitor your own positivity ratio with a simple test. And how you can ensure your balance between positive and negative emotions reaches that elusive ratio.
  • We’ll tweak your explanatory style – managing Thought Distortions that can get in the way of feeling confident enough to ‘upserve’ callers.
  • You’ll explore how becoming a ‘problem-finder’ can work really effectively, in finding creative solutions to selling.
  • You’ll discover how moving from simply ‘closing’ to brainstorming alongside customers can uncover new opportunities for them. The importance of asking the right questions, we’ll practice how to do it.
  • We’ll look at how Robert Cialdini’s ‘contrast principle’ will put your products in a fresh light.  We’ll use your own products as case studies to explore this.
  • The confusion of too much choice, and how it turns customers off by overwhelming them. We’ll workshop how to streamline and simplify your offerings.
  • The importance of specificity in maximising a successful sale. We’ll explore how a specific request accompanied by a clear path of action, shifts customers forward. Clarity on how to think without clarity on how to act will leave people unmoved.
  • We’ll explore a variety of successful pitching styles, and use a Hollywood pitching exercise to distil your sales point to its persuasive essence.
  • We’ll explore the power of specific numbers and how they will be especially useful with customers
  • The best salespeople are good improvisers. We’ll show you how to flex your improvisation muscles, and see how it will be of practical use with your sales teams.  Salespeople who are adept at improvising, generate ideas, incorporate changes quickly and easily, and communicate effectively and convincingly during conversations with customers.
  • We’ll go from the traditional ‘overcoming objections’, to the more powerful ‘hearing offers’ that you can do something with, which again hinges on attunement, and starts with the true art of listening. Offers come in all shapes and sizes, but the only way to hear them is to change the way you listen and then change the way you respond. We’ll use recognised impro techniques that improve listening and responding.
  • You’ll learn how to make it personal and make it purposeful. What we know from effective medical practitioners can improve eon customers’ qualitative and quantitative experience.
  • You’ll discover how moving from ‘personal benefit’, to ‘greater social purpose’ has a dramatic upturn impact on sales figures.
  • We will spend time reflecting on how these groundbreaking techniques can be applied in Sales Coaching Sessions at your key centres.

This is a fully immersive, practical programme.  Anyone who attends will find their approach to sales utterly transformed as we challenge your preconceptions about what makes people buy your products and services.

You’ll have the opportunity to redesign your sales strategy intent in the light of all your discoveries.