Presenting with Impact

You can have the best words in the world…

But if they’re delivered without impact, nobody really remembers what you’ve said, quite possibly because they stopped listening quite early on.

Frustrating isn’t it, when you’ve probably put in a lot of work.  And the worst thing is you’ll probably never know.

It’s quite hard to tell when people have switched off, as we’ve all become very good at pretending we’re listing to the Q4 figures when we’re really wondering if that new thing is on Netflix yet…

Audiences decide quite rapidly if someone is worth listening to, and it can be hard work to win back their attention if you haven’t grabbed them by the… hearts and minds from the outset.

Having a strong opening is important, but what about the rest of it?

How do you ensure people hear and retain all the really important stuff you have to say?

Whether you’re pitching, presenting, negotiating, influencing, or just want to get your voice heard more often – get all your brilliant ideas listened to – then this course is for you.

We’ll work in plenary and micro groups on:

  • Your voice – how to use it so as people really listen
  • Your gestures – how to use them naturally as visual punctuation that supports your words, not distracts from them – “Help, what do I do with my arms/hands?” people ask us.
  • Your body – how you move when you speak – yes even if you’re seated – will have a huge impact on how you come across.
  • Your vocal style – not how your voice sounds, but how you phrase things, is it rambling or punchy and to the point? Do you talk in abstract concepts, or do you paint instant pictures for people?  Because that’s how your audience thinks – in graphic pictures, when you speak a series of snapshots should appear in hteir mind’s eye.
  • Your storytelling – quick ways to make your stories come alive, rich with imagery and people. To use that slightly cringe-inducing millennial phrase – is it ‘relatable’?
  • Your boldness – we’ll look at how to make your message stand out in a sea of other messages, all competing for your audience’s attention.  We will not turn you into a performing seal, but by golly we’ll make you memorable – in a profound way.
  • Your ability to motivate – We’ll explore how to bring people with you in your message, getting them onside and make them rapidly feel part of this thing.