Memorable Conferences

Conferences – they have the capacity to be truly life-changing, or they can be dull as ditch-water, a steady procession of un-engaging speakers, while we the audience sit, doing our best to stay focused.

Our Conference SWAT Team will ensure that your conference is everything you’d like it to be – a lively, thought-provoking, and engaging experience for all who attend.

We can co-create with you a complete conference agenda, from working with internal and external speakers, conducting live industry interviews, interactive activities that keep the whole room engaged and energised throughout, evening entertainment, we’ll even read you a bedtime story (that last bit may not be true…)

Depending on your capacity for adventure, we will work with you to create a truly memorable event that stimulates creative thinking, builds team cohesion, helps align focus for the year ahead, breaks down silos, and initiates an appetite for change and renewal.

  • We’ll help you turn your conference into a bustling marketplace of Inspiring Leaders rather than tables of people with varying degrees of ennui.
  • We’ll enable you to create a large-scale event that still feels intimate and bespoke to each attendee.
  • Speakers will get access to one-to-one coaching on their presentations, creating original and imaginative presentations that ignite a genuine spark in their audience.
  • We’ll help you craft a dynamic mix of activities to bring maximum impact, and engagement.
  • We’ll ensure the flow of the day energises and brings focus, so as your PM sessions are as productive as your AM sessions. Our years of experience at running events means we know how to maintain a gentle bubbling fizz of activity without exhausting people.