Pitch Coaching

“If we’re good at what we do, surely the client will see that?  We not salespeople or performers, we’re actual doers.”

If only it were that straightforward…

Every meeting and every new opportunity involves pitching to someone, somewhere. It is not enough to talk in mechanical or process terms about what you do. You won’t be listened to; you won’t be memorable.

We’ll explore what makes for a compelling pitch, whether it’s a meeting, an interview, a new idea to the Board, meeting a new internal or external partner…

  • We’ll discover why it’s theatre, not information, that you’re selling.
  • We’ll encourage you to think of yourself as playwright, storyteller and actor – but we promise it won’t hurt!
  • You’ll learn techniques to get your mind and your body to the right space
  • We’ll spend time practically shaping your pitch, helping you to create a powerful structure
  • You’ll explore imaginative ways for you to tell your story, from problem to solution
  • You’ll realise why simplicity is key and how to achieve it without dumbing-down complex content
  • We’ll practice psychological confidence techniques so nerves don’t get in the way
  • PowerPoint – it’s here to stay; how can we use it elegantly?
  • You’ll look at the different types of pitch, what to use, when, and how
  • You’ll discover why the art of collaboration is crucial
  • We’ll delve into the psychology of pitching – understanding the transfer of power
  • Charisma. What is it? How do I get it, and why does it matter? I don’t want to look like a secondhand car dealer
  • We’ll define the limits of logic and process, and celebrate the power of passion. People will buy you before your idea