Human beings have been telling stories around camp fires for thousands of years…

Until recently that is…

We seem to have lost the art of storytelling somehow – particularly in the corporate world.  We get bound up in PowerPoint, and talk in abstract concepts, rather than creating vivid and relatable imagery.  We tend to talk in features, not benefits.  We get bogged down in process, rather than compelling story.

Well, it doesn’t have to stay that way.  On this workshop…

  • You’ll learn how to develop your own message strategy. Distilling your message to the essence, with clarity and precision, while connecting emotionally with your audience.
  • You’ll learn how to blend logic, data, emotion, and inspiration. We are usually pretty good at the logic and data part, but tend to fall down on the emotional and inspirational end – and yet this tends to be the thing that makes us stand apart from others.
  • You’ll learn how to infuse a sense of wonder into your storytelling, inspiring your audience – internal or external – so they really connect to your message. A good story should not end when the speaker sits down.
  • You’ll learn how to introduce emotion to seemingly dry subjects.  How on earth can I make the Q4 figures into a interesting story?
  • We’ll practice storytelling techniques in small groups, learning how to explore the unexpected and the less obvious.
  • You’ll explore how to become improvisational storytellers, flexing your impro muscles for those moments when you’re you’re put on the spot

Countless neurological studies show that it is the emotional centres of our brains that are engaged first in decision-making. Unexpectedly, this goes for analytical people as well as more intuitive thinkers.

Your audience will post-rationalise with facts, but like it or not, decisions are emotional first, logic second. On this workshop, you’ll ‘golden thread’ these two elements.