Coaching Skills

How do I make my leaders and managers better coaches without making it feel like ‘coaching by numbers’?

If you want to rapidly improve team performance, our Coaching Skills workshop offers a simple way to help you help your leaders get more from your team – and make it a satisfying, productive and enjoyable experience for all concerned.

This is not a mechanical, ‘being done to you’ coaching experience that your leaders will be able to offer, but something that feels truly individual and refreshing.

  • We will discover how to swiftly unearth meaningful areas of interest, the areas where people feel most strongly motivated to contribute
  • We’ll use the latest proven psychological techniques to enable you to defuse any tension by respectfully hearing concerns from coachees – in a way which is time-efficient, energising, and generates a spring-board for future progress
  • We’ll equip you with hands-on tools to discover aims, in a way which is both imaginative and practical, specific and flexible.
  • We’ll step beyond differences of opinion, without ignoring them, creating aims which are attractive to all – an elegant solution.  Everyone will importantly feel listened to and understood
  • We’ll explore how valuing different perspectives can be a means to establishing truly resilient solutions
  • You’ll draw out strengths – in the individuals, the team and the wider organisation
  • Building on those strengths you’ll find ways forward which individuals are genuinely motivated to act on – immediately

Our coaching toolkit is at once simple, engaging, productive, yet light-touch.  Be prepared for rapid results!