Leading Vibrant Meetings

“I really wish meetings were longer” (said no sane individual ever…)

Our participants gain practical tools to make their meetings more engaging, productive and shorter (hallelujah!).

  • You’ll learn how to get participation from everyone in the room, maximise contribution from quieter participants
  • You’ll learn how to ensure that good ideas don’t get lost in the meleé.
  • We’ll explore novel ideas about arranging the physical space to maintain energy of all attendees.
  • We’ll give you practical tips ensure that individuals don’t dominate.
  • We’ll show how to arrange your meetings in discrete chunks, to maintain ebb and flow of fresh ideas.
  • You’ll develop your skills of Host Leadership. Also, how to lead when you’re not in charge.
  • You’ll leave with a clear plan of how to make their future meetings good value for the time invested, make best use of the people in the room on any given day, and leave energised, rather thandrained.
  • You’ll practice a live meeting that works using the skills they’ve learned during the workshop, with start-stop guidance from our facilitators, and get the opportunity to practice your Worst Meeting Scenarios.