Mistakes: How To Minimise And Recover From Them

Athletes, and the people who coach them, know that minimising and recovery from mistakes plays a key part in their future success.

We’re not going to stop making mistakes – we’re only human – but how we lessen and respond to those moments, those setbacks – is a mark of our leadership skill.  Again, like much of our work, it’s a skill, you an learn it; you can improve upon it.

Too often, we become paralysed by our mistakes, like turning round an ocean liner, it can take us an age to get going again on a fresh course of action.  We can feel mentally and physically sluggish after a setback.

This workshop will shorten your recovery time, by giving you tools to manage the psychological states that we go through when we get stuff wrong.

You’ll will gain practical skills to help you recover swiftly from mistakes, genuinely learn from them, and develop coping strategies for the psychological challenge of failing.

  •  Learning from our mistakes. It’s a phrase we hear a lot. Most of put simply, generally don’t. We make repeated mistakes, sometimes mistakes that endanger others, or at the very least are costly.
  • We’ll demonstrate and practice specific psychological techniques to develop individual and team resilience.
  • Participants will learn how to stay calmer in stressful situations using the latest mindfulness techniques.
  • We will also explore approaches used by various high-risk, high-pressure professions – medical, fire service, aviation and F1 to help develop ‘situational awareness’, reducing the occurrence of mistakes.
  • Participants will see some recognisable workplace situations played out in vignettes, and see the specific tools that enable each aspect of that situation to be resolved.
  • We’ll learn how to re-visit situations that didn’t go to plan and what we can do about them.
  • We’ll discover why flattening the hierarchy is crucial, and how to do it.
  • How to bring teams from different specialities together and reconfigure as an effective single unit.
  • Participants will leave with a clear plan of how to make their own Flight Simulator for their team.