It often feels like a big effort, working in Partnership – “It’s easier to do it myself, why don’t they just let me get on with it?” we might frustratedly ask…

On this workshop, you’ll gain practical skills to help you get the most from your crucial external and internal Business Partner relationships.

Why don’t we already do it, if it’s so easy?  We kind of know it’s important already…

  • Working in a silo is (short-term) simpler than having to build partnerships with peers.
  • ‘Taking orders’ from managers is simpler than having to challenge ideas that don’t meet customer needs.
  • Selling a product to customers is simpler than providing an integrated solution.
  • Getting the lowest price from suppliers is simpler than understanding their complex business needs. Competing with competitors is simpler than having to develop a complex customer-supplier-competitor relationship.

If you want to build broader, deeper, richer relationships though, the ones that build trust, generate sophisticated ideas, and bring dramatically different results, then our Partnership workshop is what you’re looking for…

  • We’ll demonstrate and practice specific techniques to maintain a healthy partnership.
  • You’ll discover how to use Partnerships to augment innovation and collaborate on joint projects.
  • We’ll explore ways to develop internal networks within organisations, shape mentoring opportunities, structure secondments.
  • You’ll learn how to spot which are the most valuable partners to cultivate.
  • We’ll explore techniques that help to reconfigure the relationship if it turns sour
  • You’ll learn how to give what is effectively peer-to-peer feedback, while simultaneously dwelling in the common ground.  You’ll understand, yet transcend differences to focus on the common good — serving the end-user of the product or service.
  • Participants will see some familiar workplace Partnership situations played out in vignettes, and see the specific tools that enable each aspect of that situation to be resolved, using Forum Theatre.