When asked to describe hell-on-earth, many people will cite a bad .ppt presentation as being pretty high up there… It’s dangerous because for the presenter, it can create the illusion of understanding and the illusion of control.

Originally designed to support the speaker, it’s taken over to mean the presentation itself – becoming a triple threat of pre-read, speaker’s notes, and follow-up document all in one. And audiences are switching off in droves, meaning your ‘crucial point that they must all get’ is simply travelling in one ear – if you’re lucky – and out the other.

So how can we make PowerPoint engaging again? and not ‘hypnotise chickens’ as the military call it?

This one-day course looks at how we can create a two-way dialogue with our audiences; it’s a far more effective means of persuasion than a one-way broadcast. And how we can create captivating slides that hold attention, land key messages succinctly, and are beautiful to look at.