Procrastination: why we do it, what to do about it, how to help others.

It’s astonishing how much intense and thorough tidying of the kitchen drawer we can achieve when there’s that really difficult thing to write, that awkward conversation to have, or that pile of invoices to complete.

Procrastination – it’s not simply about being disorganised, though that has a part to play…

On this life-changing workshop, you’ll learn practical tips and techniques to overcome this vexing, life-sapping problem. You’ll learn about the psychology that drives the art of procrastination and how to master your own tendencies.

  • You’ll explore what it might be costing you personally, psychologically, and of course, the cost to the business.
  • We’ll identify the psychological drivers – what’s going on in our brain – during this totally irrational behaviour that we do, and then practical tips to tackle it.
  • We’ll find out how mindfulness is a hugely important tool in decreasing the tendency to procrastinate
  • We’ll explore techniques to help us support others – direct reports and peers where procrastinating stops them flourishing and being as productive as they could be
  • We’ll develop a bespoke psychological action plan for you to gradually adopt replacement behaviours.
  • You’ll work on a real-life example of something you regularly put off and set about deconstructing it and then tackling it in the workshop
  • We’ll explore a variety of popular techniques to Get Things Done used by psychologists and productivity experts, such as David Allen and Mark Forster
  • You’ll leave with a clear plan of how to recognise, manage and reduce your procrastination
  • We’ll learn how to turn the humble tomato to our advantage!