Mindfulness In The Workplace

“Mindfulness – that’s sitting cross-legged saying ‘ohhm’ for hours isn’t it?” people ask as they slowly edge away from something they think is ‘a bit weird’ and really isn’t for them…

Our Mindfulness In The Workplace course is at once ordinary, accessible, and light-touch.  We show you how starting at just one minute a day – yes one minute – you can make a real difference in stilling your mind, halting that ‘thought circus’ that utterly destroys our peace of mind, and consequently our productivity.

The techniques we share are easily repeatable, and come with a complementary set of downloadable podcasts.

Happy, motivated people create immense value for your company. People are much more successful and fulfilled in your workplace if they can manage their stress, remain objective, be responsive rather than reactive, show compassion to themselves and others, as well as build trust with their colleagues and other stakeholders.

Mindfulness training has been clinically proven to help people build these resources.

Cutting edge companies, who have already successfully adopted the Mindfulness model include McKinsey, Deutsche Bank, Procter & Gamble, Apple, Astra Zeneca, Google and Yahoo – their performance is in many ways a testimony to the success of their approach to employee wellbeing.

Partly learning how to stay in-the-moment, we will also equip participants with an understanding of how being more mindful, reduces workplace stress, anxiety and conflict.

You’ll learn how mindfulness can help you tackle that thorny beast – procrastination, while bringing you greater creative focus and clarity.
We’ll practice techniques to support you through high levels of stress.
You’ll learn how to develop your resilience if you’re going through reorganisation or downsizing.
You’ll will see how Mindfulness can help us be less distracted, so more productive.
We’ll rediscover your enjoyment at work and consequently, life.

This workshop can be attended by individuals or whole teams who are going through a time of change.