Using Art In Business

Sometimes words are not enough. That’s where image, metaphor and art can step in. Often you can go through a coaching process, focusing on clearly stated goals, yet find that a year down the line you’re back in the same place you started.

This 1/2 day workshop, run by our Integrative Arts Psychotherapist, is often a deeply profound experience.  Our participants tell us what powerful discoveries they’ve made on this day.  There’s also sound business reasons for this work:

  • You’ll discover how art-making enables you to reflect on best practice, team dynamics, and managing challenge and change.
  • We couple art and mindfulness based practice, combining current art therapy practice with mindfulness techniques to boost resilience in the workplace.
  • You’ll see how Arts interventions can be a dynamic and compelling way to provoke your creative thinking, and offer an experiential way to step into new, unexpected possibilities.
  • Unconscious processes can run our lives, and it is only when we bring the more hidden blocks to light, that deeper, more long term change can occur.
  • We work with art and other creative process to help both groups and individuals go beyond their normal narrative, to discover new possibilities that lie on the creative edge of change.

This is not an Arts course for people who want to become artists, nor is it a pre-requisite to have any artistic skill at all.  This workshop is about creative exploration and finding new ways to problem-solve.

Be prepared for unexpected discoveries…